Top 10 things to enjoy at the Craft Beer and Cider Festival

30 Oct 2017

The Craft Beer and Cider Festival has some exciting news to share for the inaugural event!

1. Travel light, leave your cash at home

The festival is proudly 100% cashless and is all about the SAB currency this year! SAB meaning Sunshine and Beer of course. This means you can forget about hitting the ATM on your way to the Festival. All you will need is a credit or debit card to top up. You can also pre-purchase SAB Currency with your ticket. Need to top up your wristband at the event? Just head to one of the Currency stands or a roving Currency Seller.

2. Beer Paddles

These beauties are ready for you, and they are a game changer. Only one hand needed for 3 times more deliciousness with a three-150mL taster paddle.  $22 a paddle of three tasters ; $3 the 150mL taster glass fill. It's a no-brainer.

3. The Beer and Cider

Stating the obvious here, but really you won't be disappointed. With over a 160 brews available to taste on the day, you better hope your taste buds are at their finest!

4. Recharge your batteries with a good feed

An afternoon of craft beer and cider without food wouldn't quite taste the same. This is why the festival has a great variety of foodies coming along, sure to please everyone's cravings. Food can be purchased with your pre-loaded wristbands. 

5. The kids don't have to stay home with the nanny

Your little monsters will thank you later. Despite the booze, Craft Beer and Cider Festival remains a family event. They are creating a Kids Zone with balloons, jumping castles, bumper cars, a kids drink bar (beer-free, obviously), face painting and even a dunk tank! So much fun. Don't be jealous.

6. More fun, with a bit of a carnival vibe

Circus Tribe is a roving circus with a simple but effective aim: spreading joy wherever they go. Follow their lead and rhythm for a fantastic opportunity to unwind in between two very serious beer paddle tasters.

7. Learn from the best in the business!

A free seminar and discussion hosted by Paul Daley and Jim Hollars from Malt Shovel Brewery and both Cicerone Certified experts. Includes Q&A, pairing beer with cheeses from Kenilworth and oysters from Mooloolaba Fish Market.

8. Put your cricket hat on...

Still can't decide between going to the Craft Beer and Cider Festival and staying home to watch day three of the Ashes test match? Good news is you can do both! Yes, they will be playing the game on a giant screen, Australia vs England. Loud cheering highly advised!

9. ... and put your dancing shoes to good use

Hosting a slew of local talent, the live music stage will be pumping all day headlined by renowned artist The Lyrical.  Other music acts include The 3 Bears, Head Over Heels, and Bohemian Rogue. Everyone will get a chance to boogie on the green.

10. Be the lucky winner of one of our amazing raffle prizes!

All ticket holders are in the draw, and the list of prizes is getting longer by the day. Make sure you keep an eye on their Facebook page for the latest updates. Good luck!